Angela Centola is Endorser for:

Salvador Cortez Guitars

We have been making classical guitars for over 40 years.
Salvador Cortez was founded in 1979 by Master Luthier Josè Antonio Pedrosa
His goal is to help young musicians believe in themselves, overcoming even the most seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
For over 40 years he has been making classical guitars able to excite and inspire those looking for new sounds.


Savarez Strings

Savarez is one of the most established companies in the classical guitar string market.
The slogan is “All the big names play Savarez” and over the years he has had very respectable testimonials to keep this claim high, such as Frédéric Zigante, Marcin Dylla, Oscar Ghiglia, Sharon Isbin, Roland Dyens, just to name a few.


Angela Centola is Ambassador for:

Schertler Amplifiers

The brand started by Stephan Schertler in the early 1980s quickly became a reference for the acoustic world, counting amplifiers and audio systems capable of transferring the sound of guitars, double basses and classical instruments with transparency and expressiveness to large stages.

Angela Centola plays:

Luciano Maggi Luthier Guitars

One of the most popular luthier in Italy Luciano Maggi boasts over ten years of experience that has seen him engaged in constant research aimed at the innovation of the guitar, both from the point of view of construction techniques and from that of the choice of materials. We interviewed him to retrace his training, let us illustrate the peculiarities of his creations, without forgetting the methods of marketing his splendid guitars.